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Lenny The Doorman

New York, NY, (August 14, 2023) - We are thrilled to welcome a new client who is ready to grow with

Avec Joie PR team.

Lenny Favery, better known as "Lenny the Doorman," is a true embodiment of hospitality in the world of luxury accommodations.

Lenny's narrative epitomizes authenticity, zeal, and the art of rendering every guest's experience extraordinary. His TikTok alter ego, "Lenny the Doorman," further exemplifies this persona. Through lighthearted and fun dance videos, Lenny dances his way into the hearts of hotel guests, creating moments of joy and connection. With a repertoire of trendy songs, his TikTok dances capture the spirit of the moment, making him a cherished and recognizable figure.

As Lenny's publicist, we are thrilled to collaborate with him to amplify his emerging brand. Through strategic media placement and targeted outreach, we are committed to fortifying Lenny's role as a trendsetter and an esteemed voice in the realm of content creation.

More information on Lenny The Doorman can be found at

About Avec Joie Marketing: Avec Joie Marketing is a premier marketing agency that kindles brands to brilliance. With a passion for creativity and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we craft captivating narratives that connect brands with their audiences in meaningful ways.

Press Contact: Abby Mitchell, Executive Director, Avec Joie Marketing & Consulting, 


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